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Night Split (1/22) Signature Series

$200.00 USD

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This is one of the first Signature series photos available to the public.  When I wander the night alone, I am often accompanied by my shadow.  We all have shadows and if we neglect them they will lash out at us.  If we allow them to rule over our true self we are sure to become monsters.  I have honestly experienced both of these things in my own journey toward self awareness. I strive to find an internal balance between my shadow and true self, both need love.

Signature series guarantee:  all signature series photos will be one of twenty-two hand signed prints(numbered).  Be one of twenty two people to own an exclusive hand signed art piece from Mr. Wickes in the world.  PRICES WILL INCREASE IN RELATION TO THE REMAINING PRINTS.

22-12x12 Lustre Prints remaining, Framed(black)

Shipped in priority packaging to assure that you receive your art in pristine condition.


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