"Florence '18" 1/22

Downtown Wilmington NC

Taken at 4:51pm 9/12/18

Official landfall 7:15am 9/14/18

"Now Showing Florence" 1/22

Carolina Beach becomes a ghost town as it prepares for the storm.

"Be Still"

The iconic Britts Donuts closes its garage doors before the storm.

You can tell that it's not this McDonald's first storm.  It looks like they are preparing for war.


Downtown Wilmington also prepares for the storm

"Dead Inside"


I've heard the owners of this restaurant, Bourbon Street, relocated here after Katrina.  If that Rumor is true it would make sense as to why they provide all the shelter information for the community.

The night of the storm

I shot a few photos and slept a lot to be honest, seemed less stressful

"Dawn/Day 1/Florence" 1/22

Looking out my window, this is what I woke to after the first night.  The following photos take place over the next four days and are not in chronological order.  It is important to note that while the first night was when we were hit by the majority of the wind damage, it was the second night that brought the extreme flooding that no one saw coming.

The family in the back of this photo is wading back home after leaving it to go to a shelter for refuge.  The shelter flooded and therefore they chose to return to there flooded home.

The gentlemen in the white shirt and on the dirt bike are out for a joyride

They take a smoke break while the bike dries out

Did you notice the tattoo...

"Through the River Wide" 1/22 

"Live From Destruction" 1/22

The storm mobile!!

"Giant in the Mist"

"Man Alone" 1/22

Shot through the front window of my Honda, I never met this man.

Visiting the Northside.

"Hard To Say It's Alright" 1/22

This moment here hit my heart hard.  No one was home, they had no idea what they what they were going to come back to.

walk on..

"Clean Split"

"Cash Only" 1/22

I find the items in their hands interesting.

"Sam" 1/22

Store owner Sam is one of the first stores open the morning after the first night.  He sells goods by candlelight and a pen and pad.

"Weathered To a Daze" 1/22

Truck 1

Police direct traffic for gas at one of the first stations open post storm.

"Rose Ice & Coal" 1/22

This line for ice extends well out of frame.

Folks buy car loads of ice for themselves and their neighbors.

"Never Stopped" 1/22

These army boys were more than happy to be here and helping.

"POWER" 1/22

This was a shocking scene to come upon.  One of these crates weighs 20,000 lbs empty.

"Oleander Dr" 1/22

"Life As Usual"

A hurricane may have come through but life goes on.  Someone still needs to sweep the sidewalk.

"Resilient Soul" 1/22

I will let this photo speak for itself.  I didn't pose the kids in this photo. They were all just hanging out on this roof when I walked up.

I hope you enjoyed this gallery.  All photos are available for purchase in the art store or via email if you do not find them there. zwickes@gmail.com

I would be glad to answer any questions via email so don't hesitate to ask.

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