Dirty looks, Fresh Maxes,

Big Ambitions

Dirty White

Single cover collaboration with Dirty White and @trappedwithart (IG)

Without this shit... we are already dead.  All respects to these two souls, thank you for your hospitality

Thank you GOD

We're here for you when you weep

seriously cold boi

face melt/lack of sleep?whats new


feignin for this

Humble all the way to the grave


The hip hop King of Fashion


album cover ready



we write to bring clarity to our blurry minds 

and then it comes

rapper in the grain

we wander into the setting sun of our minds

son of the sun, we shall return

feasting in the thoughtful rays of the sun

Not uh "Chance" hahaha


soaking in the energy


one of my all time favorite portraits

yall tell me his style ain't too clean

killer greeeens

alone in the mind sometimes...


this technology is but freeing and imprisoning


still got time. I think

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